Australian Histories Podcast

Ep 52 Bligh & the Rum Rebellion - Part 1: Australian History

August 2, 2021

William Bligh, the very same Captain probably best known for the mutiny on the Bounty, was to be recruited in his later life, as the Governor of the Colony of New South Wales. But it seems his days of attracting mutinous behaviour were not over.  Bligh would find himself again at the mercy of military men who felt they could do a better job.

So we’ll talk in this series, about the New South Wales Corp – otherwise known as the Rum Corp, the Governors managing them, and the episode that we sometimes call the Rum Rebellion.

This episode - Part 1 - we'll begin by considering the state of NSW during these years, and the lead up to Bligh’s arrival to take up the Governor's post.

(55 mins)


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